We are always looking for people to join us and help us pick up projects they want to do! We give staff plenty of time to work on each project too!


Positions Open

  • Japanese Translator

  • Japanese translator is provided with the raws and they translate from Japanese to English. We want translators to work on projects they like rather than being assigned with something they might not enjoy. That just takes away the fun from it!

    If you are interested in seeing what projects we have, currently or from our potential list or you have a project you’d like to see picked up, join our discord and get in touch with either Phoenix (Phoenix#6362) or Snow (Snowwater#1027) on discord, and we’ll send you the list as well as a small test as a formality or you can send us samples of your previous work!

  • Cleaner

  • We need cleaners urgently to help with our projects. It would be awesome if you know a little bit of redrawing, but no need to fuss over it because we have a resident redrawer that can help with that!

  • Typesetter

  • Typesetters should have little to some experience, otherwise the Head Typesetter will train you, give you pointers and help you out where needed.

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