New Project: Saku-Chan to Nozomi-Kun!

We have picked up another new project: Saku-Chan to Nozomi-kun. Thank you Marionette Scans and Sea Otter Scans for letting us continue this series from this chapter onwards! ^^

Read Chapter 3 of Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun Here!

Genre: Drama Romance School Life Shoujo

Synopsis: Onodera Saku posed as a boy up until the end of elementary school in an attempt to console her mother, who tremendously grieves the death of her elder brother. Seated right next to her, on the other hand, is Nishioka-kun who grows out his hair beyond the usual length for boys and because of that is picked on. Following a conflict with his classmate though he decides to cut it short. Next day he helps her when her toilet bag is snatched away by that very same boy.

Fast forward. Saku-chan no longer dresses like a boy and finally confesses her love to Nishioka-kun but is rejected. How did it turn out this way?

MangaUpdates: Saku-Chan to Nozomi-Kun


  • erika chavez says:

    Seriously you guys are mvps I’ve been wanting to get back into shoujo, but was failing at finding the right story TILL NOW! Thank you!

  • Ekaterina says:

    Thanks a lot for picking up this series! It’s really interesting and not your typical shoujo. Thank you for your work!

    • Phoenix says:

      You are welcome! The staff likes working on it! We are glad to hear you enjoyed it!

      Join us on our discord to stay connected! ^^

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