Another new Project: Lodoss-tou Senki – Haiiro no Majo

We have picked up another new project: Lodoss-tou Senki – Haiiro no Majo

Read Chapter 1 of Lodoss-tou Senki – Haiiro no Majo Here!


Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Shounen

Synopsis: Record of Lodoss War recounts the adventures of a youth by the name of Parn, the son of a dishonored knight. Part of his motivation for adventuring is to find out what happened to his father, and to restore his family’s honor. Despite his inexperience, Parn is considered the leader, who is accompanied by his childhood best friend Etoh, his friend and sometimes advisor Slayn (and later by Slayn’s lover Leylia), and his newfound mentor Ghim. They are accompanied by Parn’s romantic interest, the high elf Deedlit, who comes from the Forest of No Return seeking an answer to her people’s isolationism and an end to what she sees as a slow march to extinction and a thief named Woodchuck. Throughout the series, Parn comes into contact with friends and foes alike. His allies include King Kashue, King Fahn, Shiris, and Orson; his enemies include Emperor Beld, Ashram, and the evil necromancer Wagnard.

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  • Anon says:

    As you’ve said you have issues uploading to MangaDex I’ve done it for you. However I encountered one issue, it would not let me mark it as a release by your group (as you’re group is locked) thus I had to set it Unknown. If you contact MangaDex staff they’ll probably fix that.

    • Phoenix says:

      Hi Anon,

      If you would be so kind, would you be willing to upload more chapters on Mangadex on our behalf? I shall add you to the group on mangadex, provide you the PNGs and you could upload it to mangadex?

      Thank you very much! I have contacted them.

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